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As medical professionals who manage multiple aspects of anesthesia administration and patient care, we are one of the most important points of contact for patients and other clinicians. Therefore, we need to be aware of our potential role in improving outcomes for patients and have access to information that will help us assist perioperative and postoperative patients, both inside and outside the operating room, who struggle with sedation issues, delirium, and various comorbidities. The Internet is packed with resources for multiple audiences, making even simple searches for information almost overwhelming. This Anesthesia Resources Center includes links and commentary on what we believe are some of the most useful sources for you and your patients.

Michael C. Banks, MD
Co-Course Director
Assistant Professor Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Baltimore, Maryland

Kevin Driscoll, MSN, CRNA

Live Meeting Presentations
Includes synced slides and audio from a recent live meeting from this initiative that addresses patient assessment, general pharmacology, monitoring patient side-effects, and postoperative management.

Links to various professional societies for anesthesia clinicians, including anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, anesthesiology assistants, and many more.

Societal clinical guidelines for professionals that range from general monitoring standards to acute pain management and postsurgical care.

Literature by Topic
A list of the current literature including journal articles, society Web sites, and much more organized by topic and subtopic, suitable for any audience.

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